The Ethno-Demographic Impact of Co-Ethnic Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe

Costica Dumbrava

Monday, March 7th 2016
10:45-12:45 Panel 1: The Global Geography of Multiple Citizenship

Many countries in Central and Eastern Europe grant preferential access to citizenship to co-ethnics living aboard. This trend overlaps with several key demographic changes, such as a dramatic decrease of fertility rates, high emigration and changes in the ethnic structure of the popu lations. The paper analyses policies ofco-ethnic citizenship in CEE in order to assess the demographic impact of co-ethnic citizenship both on the kin states and on the communities of co-ethnics. It shows that, despite their huge ethno – demographic potential, co-ethnic citizenship policies contribute very little to the demographic recovery of the kin states. They also tend to weaken rather than strengthen the demographic and political situation of the co-ethnic groups, in the name in which they are promoted.

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