This international seminar gathers experts in the field of multiple citizenship and migration, especially Latin Americans in the World. It aims to establish a debate about the innovative practices generated by this collective of multiple citizens, and their implications for public policy.
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Program and summary of papers




Key objectives

Over the last two decades a new and growing collective of migrants with multiple citizenship or nationality is performing complex practices of national belonging, circular migration and trans-generational adoption of citizenship through family history. Through such practices, this collective develops livelihood strategies linking with several nation states without necessarily involving migration or permanent residence. In many cases a second passport just facilitates tourism without a visa , business travel, or an exit strategy in times of economic or political turmoil. These practices of pluri-national, flexible and pragmatic citizenship, are generally ignored by academic and political debates which continue focus on a bi-national view of migration and citizenship (the origin-destination pair) and unidirectional and permanent migration flows that are supposed to end with the integration or “assimilation” of migrants. This international seminar is focused on the study of a collective of Latin Americans with multiple citizenship, largely in Europe or the U.S., regardless of their country of residence. The seminar brings together leading researchers from several countries, experts in multiple citizenship and migration of Latin Americans, with the aim of forming a research agenda to improve our understanding these practices, posing new theoretical and empirical challenges for public policy.


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