Jelena Dzankic

Jelena Dzankic

European University Institute, Florence, Italy


Jelena Dzankic is Marie Curie Fellow at the European University Institute. She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Politics, Psychology and Social Sciences (PPSIS) at the University of Cambridge (New Hall College). From 2011 to 2013, Jelena did post-doctoral research at the EUI as a Jean Monnet fellow on the effects of the European Arrest Warrant on citizenship and sovereignty in the post-Yugoslav states. She is also the expert on Montenegrin citizenship at the EUI’s European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) on Citizenship, and is among the leading scholars in comparative analysis of investor citizenship programs. Before coming to the EUI, Jelena was part of the CITSEE team at the University of Edinburgh and a Teaching Fellow in Comparative Politics at the School of Public Policy at University College London (UCL).

Paper at the Strategizens Conference:

The tripartite structure of European investor citizenship programs: interests and strategies of states, companies and individuals

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