Takeyuki Tsuda

Takeyuki Tsuda

Arizona State University, US


After receiving his Ph.D. in anthropology in 1997 from the University of California at Berkeley, Takeyuki (Gaku) Tsuda was a collegiate assistant professor at the University of Chicago for three years before moving to the University of California at San Diego to become associate director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, where he helped establish and develop the center into a leading interdisciplinary, multinational research and training institute. Tsuda’s past research focused on the ethnic return migration of Japanese Brazilians from Brazil to Japan as unskilled foreign workers. He has also written on comparative immigration policy and local citizenship among immigrants and has edited a book that compares the ethnopolitical reception and experiences of ethnic return migrants in their ancestral homelands in various European and East Asian countries. Tsuda teaches undergraduate courses on Immigration and Ethnic Relations in the U.S. and McGlobalization: Migration, McDonald’s, Mass Media and graduate courses on Global/Transnational Ethnography and Theory in Sociocultural Anthropology.

Paper at the Strategizens Conference:

Extending Citizenship to the Diaspora: Ethnic Return Migrants as Legal, Racial, and Cultural Citizens

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