Victoria Prieto and Andreu Domingo

Victoria Prieto

University of the Republic, Uruguay


Victoria Prieto is professor at the Population Program and postdoctoral researcher by the Uruguayan National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANNI). Within said Population Program, her work has focused on qualified migration and return migration. She has a degree in Sociology (University of the Republic, Uruguay 2006), a masters in Demography (European Doctoral School in Demography and the Lund University, 2010), a masters in Territorial and Population Studies (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2008). Her in Demography (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2010) focused on the history of overseas Latin American migration 1950-2010, explaining the long term causes of fluxes and the effect on the demographic component of Spain in the recent past and a perspective for the future. Her postdoctoral research centers on intensity, selectivity and integration of Latin American returnees from Spain and the US from 2006.

Prieto has taught Demography and Demographic Analysis at the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of the Republic, Uruguay.


Autonomous University of Barcelona

Andreu Domingo is a writer and PhD in Sociology. He is professor in the Geography Department at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and vice principal of the Centre for Demographic Studies (CED). He specializes in population studies and has conducted family and marriage index. Recently, he has focused in international migration. He has authored articles in journals and the essay Descenso literario a los infiernos demográficos: distopía y población (Anagrama) and received the Marian Vayreda award for El llegat del doctor Deulofeu (Empúries).

Paper at the Strategizens Conference:

Multicitizenship for Mobility: A Demographic Approach to the Latin-American-born Spanish Citizens’ Potential for International Migration

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